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4 Useful Tips For Saving Money On Your Wedding Tent Rental

There's always a chance that it will rain on the day of your wedding, which makes a wedding tent rental nearly a necessity if you plan to hold the reception outdoors. Renting a wedding tent can be rather expensive, but it's worth it to keep your guests out of the rain (and even the harsh sun if the weather is clear.) Thankfully, there are a few ways you can keep your rental costs to a minimum. To save money on the tent rental for your wedding, follow the four tips below.

1. Skip the Tent Liner

Wedding tent liners are the billowing strands of linen that hide the ceiling of the tent. They're quite stunning, and they're commonly seen at high-end weddings. Unfortunately, they're also incredibly expensive — installing a tent liner will often cost you nearly as much as renting the tent itself.

If you need to save money on your wedding tent rental, then a good place to start is by not renting a tent liner. You can minimize the impact this will have on your reception photos by renting a pole tent that's a perfect square. These are the tallest types of tents available, so the tent ceiling will usually be out of frame in any photos that are taken in the tent.

2. Only Rent Flooring for the Dancing Area

Flooring is another rental option that quickly becomes expensive. You can save money by only renting flooring for your dancing area, and the dancing area doesn't need to be very large. If you skip flooring, it's a good idea to recommend that your guests wear appropriate footwear when you send them their wedding invitations. In particular, they should avoid wearing high heels.

You do have the option of installing a dance floor yourself by nailing sheets of plywood to recycled wooden pallets, but renting is an overall better idea. You'll have to break the dance floor apart and throw it away afterward, which will probably require multiple trips to the dump. Renting a dance floor isn't that expensive, and it's much less hassle.

3. Move the Reception Earlier in the Day to Avoid Renting Lighting

Holding your reception in the evening can add ambiance to the dining experience, but you'll need to rent lighting as well. Renting lighting for your tent isn't nearly as expensive as renting a wedding liner or putting flooring over the whole tent, but it can still cost you a significant amount of money. If you move the ceremony and reception earlier in the day, you'll be able to bypass the lighting.

4. Work With an Event Rental Company That Provides Package Discounts

Finally, you can sometimes save money by working with an event rental company that offers multiple services. If you rent chairs, tables, cutlery, and linens from the same company that's providing your wedding tent rental, you may be able to get a package discount on the entire rental. Even if you don't, it's more convenient to work with a single supplier for your wedding rentals.

As you can see, you have numerous options available to you if you need to save money on your wedding tent rental. You can use the money you save to spend on other areas of your wedding like photography or catering. Keep the above tips in mind while you're looking for wedding tents for rent, and you'll keep your rental expenses to a minimum.

For more information, contact a wedding tent rental service.

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