Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

5 Ways To Use Canopy Rentals For Outdoor Corporate Events

Are you organizing an outdoor corporate event and would like to make a big impression on your guests? You can't overlook the need for some sort of shelter when organizing an outdoor event. Weather exposure can be a big spoiler for your event and abruptly end it. You can use canopy rentals to shelter whatever number of people are attending your event. Apart from the main tent, you will need several other tents and canopies for different purposes. How can you put tents to good use during an outdoor corporate event?

1. Welcome Tent

 A branded canopy is great for making a big welcoming impression as your guests arrive. It can be placed at the venue entrance and can be used for placing signage and materials that welcome visitors, encouraging them to enter the event. The canopy could also be used for displaying any kind of welcome messages or logos of your company. Also, a tent rental service can brand or decorate the tent to fit the event's theme. 

2. Main Event Tent  

During an outdoor corporate event, you will want a big tent to accommodate your guests and have room for any activities. A canopy rental service has the manpower to put up any tent size you want. They will also put up the decorations and signage you need to give the tent your brand identity. 

3. Refreshment Tent  

During an outdoor corporate event, refreshment tents are usually a necessity. You can place a tent in the refreshment area to shield the served refreshments and keep them fresh. If you have organized buffet catering, this tent protects the catering team and the guests queuing for the refreshments. 

4. Security Tent  

Security is an important consideration during any outdoor corporate event, especially if it's held in a busy location. You can use a canopy to provide shelter for your security personnel and equipment. 

This will help them control the crowd and prevent unwanted incidents. The security tent is usually the entrance before the welcoming tent at many events. It holds ‌security personnel and their equipment like scanners. 

5. Retail/Merchandise Tent 

A canopy can be used for holding merchandise or other items at your event. Your guests can also browse through the merchandise and purchase while they're at your event. Also, you can use it to display signage or other visual information about the items being sold.

Would you like to make your outdoor corporate event memorable? Talk to a canopy rental service to put up canopies and tents for different uses. 

For more information on canopy rentals, contact a company near you.

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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