Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

How To Plan Your Parents' Fiftieth Wedding Celebration

If your parents are about to celebrate fifty years of being married, that is truly a remarkable thing. Think about the hopes and dreams they had as newlyweds! Then they went on to live a life that included both wonderful experiences and difficult challenges. Love like that deserves a celebration, for sure. If you are the one in charge of planning a special event for this occasion, here are some ideas that might help you to create something very special and memorable.

Planning The Event

If you know your parents well enough to plan a surprise celebration, go with that. However, you need to know that they may have specific things they've dreamed of having for their anniversary event. Just sit down with them and talk about their expectations. One very important thing for you to determine is a list of those they want to include at the festivities. Perhaps they will want only a select few guests for an intimate dinner. In that case, you could even host the function at your home. If the guest list is long, however, you'll need to determine whether your home is large enough to accommodate that many people. If not, don't wait too long to secure a banquet hall. Make sure that you study the calendar together and set dates in writing so there won't be confusion later on.

Planning The Decorations

Go with pictures! It may take you some time, but accumulate as many pictures of your parents as you can. Select those of them as little children, then as newlyweds, and continue with family pictures and more contemporary ones. The focal picture should be the one on their wedding day. Have many of the pictures enlarged and place them on easels and on the walls of the celebration site. Place small ones on the tables where you will be having your meal. Add flowers and candles to the table displays.

Planning The Entertainment

Of course, your guests will just enjoy visiting with each other. However, add to the fun with some entertainment. One fun idea would be to hire a comedian who makes appropriate fun of marriage. Another great thing to do would be to get a soloist or a small group to sing love songs from the time your parents courted. Some love songs from that time are The Look of Love, The Glory of Love and Time Has Told Me. A great way to end the evening would be to have live music or a DJ so that everybody can dance. Be sure to choose your their song for either the first or the last number to be played.

Be sure to keep a notebook with all of your planning details in it. For more help planning your event, work with an expert such as those at Destination Musick City.

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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