Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

How To Plan A Texas-Themed Wedding Reception For Your Daughter

If you have chosen a Texas-themed wedding reception for your daughter, that means your guests are in for a very good time. As you plan the event, think of the words fun, festive and casual. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to plan a very memorable reception for your daughter and her future husband.

Select A Location - Of course, a real barn or a country field would be the perfect place to hold your daughter's Texas-themed wedding reception. If you have a large backyard, that's another good idea. The only problem with hosting an outside event is that you might have rain or other inclement weather. If you would rather host the celebration indoors, think of renting a banquet hall. Renting a hall in a hotel where catering is also offered would help you to kill two birds with one stone. Make your reservations early so that the facility you want will be available to you. Obtain two names of contact people so that you can always have somebody to give you updates and to answer questions.

The Decorations - Even though you might not be in a barn or in a country field, you can certainly still decorate the banquet hall to look like either one. Put posters of Texas towns on the walls and surround them with baby's breath, daisies, sunflowers and other wildflowers. Silk flowers are your best bet for those decorations. Add boots, cowboy hats, spurs, and Texas stars to the tabletops and tie everything up with red, white and blue ribbons. For the main table, display boots belonging to the bride and groom and tie them together with a lasso and the red, white and blue ribbons. For a bit of humor, display two toy armadillos. Put a cowboy hat on one of them and a bridal veil on the other one. Add a clever sigh with words like "We're finally hitched!"

The Meal - Texas barbecue, of course! Offer different kinds of meats and both mild and spicy sauces to go with them. Sides of corn, cole slaw, green beans and bacon, potato salad and plain white bread will be perfect. Besides a white wedding cake and a chocolate groom's cake, offer cherry cobbler and peach cobbler. Both of those are a wonderful dessert for a barbecue meal.

If you plan to use a disc jockey, request songs like Deep In The Heart Of Texas, God Bless Texas and San Antonio Rose to be part of the music mix. Send everybody home with a Texas praline and a message like, "Y'all helped make this day special for us! Thanks!" Contact a business, such as the Mohawk River Country Club & Chateaux. 

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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