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What Are The Perfect Sympathy Flowers For The Panthers Supporter In Your Life?

Superbowl 50 Sunday has come and gone and the 2016 champion has been determined. As you have friends or family who are strong Carolina Panthers supporters, it would be a nice touch to organize some flowers to be delivered so you can extend your heartfelt sympathies for their team's defeat. Which begs the question of what kind of flowers can best convey the message you are trying to send? Before you head over to your local florist, consider these suggestions.

Team Colors

Incorporating the Panther's team colors of blue, black and silver into a floral design is one way to let a person know you are thinking of them and you understand their depression the day after a loss has occurred. While these are not the most popular color choices for flowers, your florist can still make a bouquet that incorporates them.

Roses, for example, can be purchased in different shades of blue from your florist. While they do not exist naturally in this hue, white roses are colored to cover all shades of blue from electric to teal. Irises, alternatively, are a naturally occurring blue flower that can be used within a flower bunch.  The silver of the team color could be incorporated by the use of a silver bow, or the inclusion of branch sprays that have been painted silver for dramatic effect. To add a touch of black to the design, choose black roses or dahlias. Black symbolizes farewell, which is poignant as it is time to say goodbye to 2015-2016 football season.

Traditional Sympathy

If you want to include traditional sympathy flowers, then you need to look no further than carnations, lilies and chrysanthemums. While you don't want to go as far as to order the traditional sympathy arrangement that florists put together for funerals, the aforementioned flowers do provide a heavenly scent that is sure to brighten the darkest day of a true Panthers supporter. These flowers are also readily available, so consider mixing them with ones that are Panther team colors as a way to brighten somebody's day.

Sending flowers is a lovely way to let a person know you are thinking of them, and when they are feeling particularly blue, a bunch of beautiful flowers are sure to make their day. Have a chat with a florist like Aladdin's Florist & Wedding Chapel to see what type of cheerful arrangement they can put together so that you can add a little lift to a sad football supporter's day.

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