Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

Thinking About Doing A DIY Wedding Video? These 4 Tips Will Help

Shooting your own wedding video can save you money, but if not done properly, your finished project could leave a lot to be desired. The following tips will help you make a more professional product. 

Designate a Videographer

Pick one person from your wedding party to be the person who will shoot the video. You'll probably have to provide this person with the equipment, unless they have some of their own. Ideally, this will be someone with some experience editing video or shooting photography, because someone experienced will find it easier to capture clear, attractive footage. This person may ask other people from your party to help, but it's smart to have one person in charge. This will help ensure the project is organized and the footage of your wedding is comprehensive. 

A Tripod is A Must-Have

Although there are many parts of your wedding that will involve action and movement, there are also likely to be parts during the ceremony where you, your spouse to be, and everyone in attendance will remain relatively still. If the person shooting the video isn't using a tripod, you're likely to notice a lot of bouncing during the still shots, which can detract from the ceremony in the playback.

Give the Person Filming Your Video a Front Row Seat

Pushing the person recording the video to the back of the room during the ceremony is a good way to lose all your audio footage. During the ceremony, put the person recording the video near the front of the room, close to you and your spouse to be. If you plan to have a wedding outdoors, interference from wind, passing airplanes, traffic or the ocean can all affect the sound quality. To avoid problems, provide a shotgun mic for the ceremony.

Have Your Videographer Practice With All Equipment Beforehand

The person shooting your video might have some experience with video recording equipment, but it's still a good idea to have him or her practice with your equipment before the wedding.  Have your video person practice on an unrelated event before the wedding, or on the night of the dress rehearsal. Having tested the equipment and ensured that the person in charge of shooting video knows how to use the equipment will help ensure that all goes smoothly at the event.

For expert advice and tips as you proceed in your project, contact a professional video editing service in your area like Watrous Video Productions. They may be able to tell you more about shooting a wedding video. You can also inquire about low cost editing services to find out how much it would cost to put all the footage together once it's been filmed.

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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