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Criteria For Choosing A Bounce House To Rent

A bounce house can be a fun feature to include at your child's birthday party. Depending on the area where you live, you may have several rental companies and/or models of bounce houses to choose from. Thus, in order to make sure your choice strikes just the right note at your party, you need to have some criteria in mind for choosing a bounce house. 


If you plan on having a themed party, you don't want your choice of bounce house to stand out like an afterthought in an otherwise well-planned party. You will find many styles of bounce houses to choose from including tree themes, character themes, circus, etc. While you might not find an exactly right bounce house, you should at least be able to find a style that is a near match to your chosen theme. 


When looking at bounce houses, you need to first of all consider how much space you have available in your backyard. Start by going out to the yard and measuring the usable space, then look at the offerings that match the area you have available. A second consideration is how many jumpers can use the house at one time. You need to look at how many children will attend your party and how many will use the house. In general it's better to error on the side of too big rather than too small. 


Children using a bounce house are not overly concerned with using the house only as directed by the manufacturer. Thus, you will need an adult on duty to supervise children. You will want to make sure you choose a house that allows you to easily supervise what children are doing. Adults may be loathe to leave the company of their peers to sit and watch children jumping in a bounce house, so a model that allows adults to easily supervise from the gathering place in your yard will help ensure proper supervision. 

Insurance and Safety

A final consideration to look into is whether the renting company is insured and takes ample precautions for safety. The rental company's insurance should cover any injuries sustained while using the house, but you should company's policy so that you understand what actions you should avoid so that you don't nullify the company's coverage. Also, make sure any company you rent from has a reputation for properly cleaning and caring for their equipment. 

Renting a bounce house for a party can help to make an otherwise mundane party more memorable. You just want to make sure the children at the party form good memories. Taking the time to carefully choose a bounce house will set the stage for an experience you will want children to remember. Contact a local rental company, like Jump with Chris Party Rentals or a similar company, for more information and tips.

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