Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

Hold An Intimate Wedding Reception At A Winery Estate

If you and your significant other will be getting married soon and would like to hold an intimate wedding reception at a winery for you, your spouse, and close family members and friends to enjoy, consider including the following options while planning the event and looking at wedding venues.

Tour The Winery And Try Out Popular Varieties

Ask the owner of the winery if you can make reservations for you and your guests to tour the grounds during the wedding reception. Many wineries will provide information about how wine is processed during a tour and will offer a wine tasting event at the end of each session. Attendees will have the opportunity to photograph the scenic surroundings and can purchase bottles of some of the types of wine that were featured during the tasting event, if desired.

Plan A Catered Meal, Music, And Dancing

Pick a winery that offers catered meals. Either choose a few courses to serve everyone at the reception or select large platters of food for a buffet-style meal. A catering crew will make sure that the dining area is tastefully decorated and that each attendee's needs are met. You and your spouse can enjoy mingling with the guests without needing to worry about setting up the meal or cleaning up afterwards.

Many wineries are located on an estate that features a dance hall. If you make reservations at one that provides recreational facilities, hire a disc jockey to play a variety of music for you, your partner, and guests to enjoy while letting loose on the dance floor.

Make Reservations For Everyone To Stay Overnight

Decide upon a winery that offers accommodations so that you and your guests can stay overnight. If this is not possible, make reservations at a hotel nearby. By preventing the need to travel long distances, you and your guests can enjoy yourselves to the fullest and won't need to worry about being too tired to drive or not being able to consume alcoholic beverages before getting on the road. Everyone will be able to explore the winery at their leisure and take full advantage of amenities that are offered, as well.

Make reservations at a winery for the wedding reception well in advance and ask about group rates or packages that are offered for a discounted fees if you have a specific amount of money that you can spend on the festivities. On the day of the event, make lasting memories with your spouse, family, and friends and enjoy the celebration that is being held in honor of your marriage.

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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