Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

Plan A Live Cooking Demonstration At An Event Center This Summer

If you are the owner of a fine dining restaurant and have chosen to provide a live cooking demonstration at an event center this summer so that you can inform community members of your cooking abilities and possibly gain the individuals as clients, careful planning is a must. Provide your guests with comfortable accommodations and well-prepared dishes by following the suggestions below. 

Inquire About Services

Think about what your main objective is when deciding upon details that you would like to include with the live cooking demonstration. If you want your guests to be greeted with warm surroundings, then a dining area that includes contemporary furnishings, soft subtle colors, and nonintrusive lighting will be helpful.

The center should have plenty of kitchen space and offer a flexible catering policy so that you can bring your staff members along with you and have them help you prepare a meal for each of your guests.

After writing a list of the details that you would like to include with the live cooking demonstration, contact the owners of event centers to inquire about the services that are offered so that you can select a center that provides the features you desire. Rent space at the center so that you can go ahead with the other planning details that need to be completed before the date of the event. 

Get Your Employees On Board

Prep your employees concerning the impending event by providing them with an overview of what the cooking demonstration will include. If you have chosen to prepare your signature dish, along with some steamed vegetables or salad, then write down a list of the ingredients that are needed to make enough dishes for the people who attend the event.

Purchase the ingredients in advance and store them separately from the other items that are used to create dishes at your restaurant. A few days before the live demonstration, request that your employees practice making the food items that you have selected so that they will have plenty of practice.

Serve The Dish And Offer A Discount

Tell your employees to meet you at the event center in advance so that they can prep their workstations before guests arrive. Place one long table in the center of the dining area so that you can utilize the table during the live demonstration. After guests are comfortably seated in the dining area, speak to your audience in a clear manner as you describe the dish that you will be preparing.

After the demonstration, allow your guests to mingle as you and your staff members prepare a main course and side dishes for everyone. At the end of the event, hand out discount certificates that will allow individuals to save a considerable amount of money during their first dining experience at your restaurant. 

Reach out to a place that offers event services for more guidance in planning your event. 

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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