Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

Virtual Reality Arcades; A New Twist On Social Gaming

Arcades have been around for many years. Placing a large number have arcade games in one building, brought large groups are friends in to spend their quarters. While each person has their own favorite game, the arcade was a great place to gather socially.

Virtual Reality Arcades

As many games have become formatted for virtual reality, the idea of free virtual reality arcade is catching on. Still, a place to hang out with your friends and play your favorite games, the virtual reality arcade features immersive games where you can step into another world. Not all games work with virtual reality, but more and more titles are being converted or being designed virtual reality platforms. Whether you are interested in first person shooters, survival environments, or even games based on everyday life, there is probably a VR game out there for you.

Membership and Pricing

Many of the new VR arcades are using a membership model for their pricing structure. Well not all VR arcades require you to be a member, purchasing play time is cheaper her members in many of these arcades. The cost per hour can range anywhere from $35 to well over $50, with some arcades offering blocks of time in as little as 15 minutes at a time. While buying a smaller block of time will save you some money, it will also allow you to try the VR experience before committing to a full membership.

Finding a VR Arcade

Finding a location to try out a VR game can be difficult. There are very few virtual reality arcades currently operating. While most of these arcades are in larger cities, a quick search online is an excellent way to find one near you. Not all arcades will offer the same games, so if there is one particular game you want to try to ask the arcade operator if they offer that title. Often the most popular games will be featured, but with enough requests, the arcade may add specific titles.

Types of Games

Some of the most popular games in a VR arcade are simulations that allow you to interact with your friends and others in the gaming environment. Racing games that will enable you to race cars, motorcycles, or another vehicle competitively against your friends are very popular. Multiplayer battle royale type games are also trendy in VR. As you move through the game environment, you can pick up items, look and walk around, and interact in a way you never could before. 

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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