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Want A Forest Wedding Venue? 3 Things To Analyze To Pick The Right One

When you think about all the possibilities for a wedding venue, you may end up deciding on a forest one. This means that you will want to look at all the local options as well as distant ones that might require you to drive or fly. Although you can rely on forest wedding venues having some of the same qualities, you will also find that they are also unique in their own way.

Taking the time to analyze a few important details will help you look through them all, narrow down your options, and pick one that you know will lead to the most enjoyable wedding.

Natural Light Potential

An important detail to consider is the natural light potential for every venue that you find. Some forest venues will be so dense with trees and thick canopies that sunlight may be hard to come by. While this will certainly be ideal for some people getting married, you need to decide how much natural light you are interested in getting with the wedding venue that you choose.

Since trees can change so much throughout the year, you will benefit from visiting these venues in person a year or so before you want to get married to inspect the natural lighting.

Guest Capacity

For these wedding venues to work well, you need to have a decent amount of open space where all your guests can sit throughout the ceremony. If you intend on the reception also happening in the forest, you will need an additional open space for tables, chairs, and stations to be set up.

This means that you will want to look at the guest capacity of every wedding venue before diving deep into learning about them because you may have to eliminate some immediately.

Ground Cover

Going with a forest wedding venue can make it difficult to use a wedding dress train because you must worry about getting it dirty and picking up ground debris along the way. If the ceremony area is paved and cleaned before the ceremony, you may be able to use a train with confidence. However, you should check out the ground cover with every venue to determine whether using a wedding dress train will be a viable option without risking damage or dirtiness.

Analyzing all these details will make it easy to pick a wedding venue in the forest that will provide you with an enjoyable and memorable wedding. Learn more about other wedding venue options from companies such as The Manoa Grand Ballroom.

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