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3 Reasons To Wear A Watch When Attending A Film Festival

Whether you are new to attending film festivals or if you have been to many in the past, you might be looking for tips to help you make the most of the upcoming festival that you will be attending. You might have already learned tips and tricks from previous film festivals or things that you have read online, but there is one tip for film festival success that you might not have thought about yet: wearing a watch. It's always smart to put on a watch before heading to SAC film fest or other festivals, for these reasons and more:

1. Avoid Killing Your Phone Battery

You're probably going to be at the film festival all day, and you might use your phone regularly throughout the day for things like pulling up the film festival app or finding out where your friends are so that you can meet up with them. If you have to pull out your phone every time that you want to check the time as well, you might find that your phone battery will die even faster. If you use a watch instead then you can avoid draining your phone battery any more than necessary. Additionally, if your phone battery does die, then you will still be able to use your watch to check the time throughout the day.

2. Avoid Disrupting Others With Your Phone

Another good thing about using a watch instead of your phone to check the time throughout the festival is so that you can avoid bothering others. If you have to stop to get your phone out of your bag or pocket, then you might hold up those who are walking behind you. If you take out your phone to check the time while you're in a screening, then the bright lights from your phone can be disruptive to those who are watching the film. Again, a watch will not be as intrusive or disruptive, which is something that everyone around you is sure to appreciate.

3. Make Sure You're On Time

You don't want to be late when showing up for a screening, particularly since many film festivals will not allow you to enter the viewing if you show up late. If you have a watch on, it'll be a whole lot easier for you to keep track of time so that you don't miss the screenings that you want to see the most. This will help you get the most out of the film festival that you're attending.

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