Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

5 Tips To Quickly Flip Your Wedding Ceremony And Reception Space

The wide-open space of a wedding ballroom is a great venue in which to hold both your ceremony and reception. However, the idea of flipping a ceremony space by turning it into a reception space as quickly as possible can be overwhelming. How can you make your flip go fast and easy? Here are five tricks anyone can use.

1. Place Auxiliary Items on One Half

When designing your reception layout, try to place as many of the specialty tables and spaces in the space not needed for ceremony chairs. This includes the DJ station, cake table, buffet tables, sweetheart table, gift space, or even the dance floor. By putting these out beforehand and leaving them alone, you save a lot of flipping time. 

2. Skip Unnecessary Decorations

Most couples end up with a lot of great ideas for decorating their dream wedding space. However, if you have to set up those decorations in the shortest time possible, simpler is better. Make a list and prioritize your decor elements, focusing on what brings the biggest bang for your buck and means the most to you personally. Then, lose what doesn't earn its keep.

3. Set the Tables

Table linens, settings, and decor are some of the most labor-intensive parts of reception venue setup. So if you can set up some or all of the reception dining tables before the ceremony and place them along the edges of the ceremony space, you just need to carefully relocate them once the ceremony is done. 

4. Seat Guests at Their Tables

Did you know that you can skip much of the flip entirely by using the dining tables as audience seating for the ceremony? In this arrangement, guests simply sit at their tables to view the ceremony in the same space. Ensure all tables have a good view, or consider some slight shifting of selected tables after the ceremony. 

5. Work With Professionals

The ballroom staff has likely done many flips for other couples. Talk with management and on-the-ground staff about your plans. Use their expertise and recommendations. Ask about bringing in additional staff if needed for a quick flip on the big day. The more heavy lifting they do, the more you can focus on decor and details. 

Want more tips for creating a fast and easy flip between the ceremony and wedding reception? Start by meeting with a ballroom venue in your area today. With their help and your diligence, you can keep things moving smoothly on your wedding day. 

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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