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Are You Looking To Purchase Retractable Belt Stanchions? Here Are The Factors You Should Consider Prior To Making A Purchase

Retractable belt stanchions are used at events, amusement parks, airports, retail stores, and a number of other locations to help with crowd control. Think about the last time that you waited in line to buy movie tickets. if you had poles on either side of you with retractable belts that helped direct the flow and direction of the line leading up to the ticket window, you were looking at retractable belt stanchions. If you are considering buying these stanchions, it is important to understand that they are not all the same. Here are a few of the important factors you need to consider prior to purchasing them. 

The Material the Stanchion is Made From

One of the most important factors to consider when buying retractable belt stanchions is the material the stanchion is made from. Some stanchions are designed for outdoor use. These poles may be made from plastic or composite materials. Other stanchions are designed for indoor use. These poles can be made from various types of metal, including aluminum or stainless steel. 

The Length of the Belt

The length of the belt is another important factor to consider. You want to ensure that you purchase enough stanchions to span the distance of a line that you expect to have. The length of the belt that is pulled out can vary in length. Carefully consider length size to ensure you are ordering enough for crowd control or line control measures. 

The Color and Design Of the Belt

Speaking of the belt, another factor to consider is the color and design of the belt. Belts can be custom-made to match the interior of your store or have your company name or logo on them. Selecting a custom-made belt increases the cost, but can be more aesthetically pleasing. 

The Stanchion Post Type

Lastly, consider the stanchion post type. There are stand-alone stanchions, that have a solid base and sit flush to the ground. There are rolling stanchions, that have wheels and can easily be pushed or wheeled. And then there are fixed stanchion posts. These types of posts fit into holes that you may have already had installed outside of your business or in your business. 

Retractable belt stanchions are most commonly used to direct the flow of lines or to block off access to a particular part of your business. Paying close attention to the material that the stanchion is made from, the length of the belt, the color and design of the belt, and the stanchion post type can help ensure that you are buying the retractable stanchions that are best suited for your business needs. If you have questions, contact a stanchion supplier such as VIP Crowd Control to learn more and explore your options.

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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