Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

Consider A Dove Release At These Events

Many people think of funerals when they think of having a dove release, and while this symbolic gesture can work well on this somber occasion, you may wish to also consider having a dove release at a variety of other events. Look on the internet to find a dove release company in your area. It will take care of every detail related to the release — all that you'll have to do is decide exactly when you want the release to take place. Here are some events at which a dove release can work well.


Apart from funerals, weddings are the most common event at which to have a dove release. For many people, the image of doves soaring into the air represents love, which makes the release of these birds a perfect match at a wedding. Whereas you might release several birds at a funeral, it's common to choose just two birds for a wedding because they'll represent you and your significant other. You can plan to release the pair of doves at several different points during the ceremony, but doing so prior to the processional can work well.


The baptism of your child is another event that a dove release can augment. People often arrange parties for family and friends after the baptism ceremony. For example, everyone will attend church to witness the baptism, and then visit the family's home or perhaps even a local banquet center to have a meal and celebrate this important occasion in the family's life. You can hire a dove release company to visit whatever location you choose for the post-baptism party and release one or more doves — a sign of your family's commitment to its faith — as the crowd watches and claps.

Fundraiser Launch

If you're running a community fundraiser, it can be fun to launch it officially with an event in your local area. This event will not only serve as an opportunity to inform members of the public about the fundraiser and the charity that you're helping, but also solicit some early donations. There are lots of ways to create a buzz about your fundraiser launch, including advertising that you'll be having a large dove release. People who haven't seen a dove release in person may be curious to attend, which can help your cause. One option is to choose a number of doves that ties into the fundraiser. For example, if this is your 15th year running the event, you may want to use 15 doves.

For more information about dove releases for special occasions, contact a local company.

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Putting Together an Unforgettable Celebration Event

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