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Rent A Tent For Your Children's Lemonade Stand

If you have entrepreneurial-minded children who have declared that they intend to open a lemonade stand at some point during their summer break, it's nice to support this effort. You can lend a hand in a variety of ways, including buying the refreshments and helping them construct the stand. You may also want to think about what additional elements could benefit this venture. One idea is to rent a small, canopy-style tent from a local event rental company. These tents are very affordable, and renting one demonstrates your support for your kids' efforts. Here are three reasons to rent a tent for a children's lemonade stand.


In order to sell lots of lemonade, your children will need to be present at the stand for several hours a day. This might be fun when the weather is moderate, but some kids can quickly become uncomfortable during the hottest hours of the day. Rather than risking your kids abandoning their post around noon, when some people may want lemonade the most, they can enjoy the shade and comfort that sitting under a tent provides. Not only will the tent keep your kids more comfortable, but it will also prevent sunburn.

Better Product

Having a tent over the lemonade stand will also help to keep the lemonade your children are selling cooler. A large jug of cold lemonade can quickly warm up when it sits in direct sunlight on a table on the driveway or lawn. While your kids could continuously add ice cubes to the beverage throughout the day, doing so will only cool it down temporarily and will also dilute the product and weaken the flavor. The shade and cooler temperatures that the tent provides will keep the lemonade at a chilled, appealing temperature that your children's customers will appreciate.

Better Awareness

The height of a rented canopy-style tent can help to make passersby aware of the lemonade stand because it's bigger and more obvious than a small table. Additionally, if your kids want to make some signage for their business, you can help them carefully hang the signs from the top of the tent — further helping to increase their stand's visibility in the neighborhood. Visit the website of a tent rental service in your community to browse its selection of canopy-style tents. You can browse the tents with your children or plan to rent them a tent as a surprise.

For more information on tent rentals, contact a company near you.

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